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Welcome in our API section. From here you can download the latest version of Genuts, view some samples, consult the tutorials and refer to the documentation.

Legal Notices

Copyright and License Terms for the Genuts API and documentation.

Demos & Tutorials

Some developed samples with the Genuts API.

Fly my robot, FLY!!! Fly my robot, FLY!!! View this sample.
Follow the ball. Follow the ball in the playfield. View this sample.
Scrolling Playfield. Scroll the playfield with the mouse. View this sample.
Exploding balls. Bouncing balls on playfield borders. View this sample.
Exploding balls with debug info. Bouncing balls on playfield borders with debug infos. View this sample.

Interfacing Genuts Framework and Java API.
Tiles for games.
Playfield Scrolling and Pre-Collision mode.
Fly my robot, FLY!!!.

API Documentation

Reference to packages, classes and members. Generated by javadoc.

Genuts API Specification.

Genuts ME API Specification (Generic version).


Download Genuts bundle.