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Please read and agree with the license agreement before downloading Genuts API. If you don't agree with licence agreement, do not download or use Genuts API.

Genuts Bundle v0.10b:   genuts-0.10b.tar.gz (193 kB) (357 kB)
Genuts ME Bundle v0.1b (Genric version):   genutsME-0.1b.tar.gz (128 kB) (285 kB)
Coming soon specific versions for:
  • Nokia devices including:
    • Nokia 3600
    • Nokia 3650
    • Nokia 6600
    • Nokia 7650
    • Nokia N-Gage™

  • Sony Ericsson devices including
    • T610
    • T616
    • T618
    • Z600
    • P800
    • P900

API >> Download