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There are two Genuts mailing lists. One is for discussion so you can ask questions, help other people with their problems, discuss your new game, share tips, source code, ideas, etc. The other one is for announcements, so you can be informed when new versions of Genuts are released.

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Discussion List

To subscribe to the Genuts discussion list, send a blank message to .

Or you can fill this form with your email and press the suscribe button

To remove yourself from the list, send a message blank message to .

Please don't send attachments to the Genuts mailing list unless they are very small (under 10k), and something you think would be of interest to the entire list. Otherwise, you should send the attachment directly to the person you want to receive it, or upload the file somewhere and send the URL to the list, so those who are interested can download it.

Announcement List

Announcement list is coming soon.